How we have helped our customers



Hetras is a leading European hotel management software provider, with offices in Austria and Germany. Hetras’ activity, along with its software development team, has grown very rapidly during the last two years.The recruiting of developers was a major concern for the management of the company and finding good developers was a real challenge. This challenge lead to the use of different technologies and the need for a wide range of resources for the technology teams, sometimes even on a fast pace.


Hetras chose Facilis as partner in 2009. Facilis assumed the search for a development team that would meet the needs of the customer’s activity.


Looking for an outsourcing partner and handling settlement agreements through Facilis enabled the management of Hetras to concentrate on programming and implementation. Another essential benefit was a more flexible cost structure, in which not every resource was fixed on a payroll, being a very important aspect for a rapidly growing company. The collaboration has turned from a small team with just a few members to a ten-developer database. More than twenty highly skilled professionals in outsourcing teams have worked for Hetras in three different technology teams.



Igence Ltd is a ‘full-service’ internet service provider founded in 1997. Among the company’s clients are large internet commerce SMEs. Facilis and Igence had been collaborating since the fall of 2008. Facilis helped Igence implement client projects quickly and flexibly. Through Facilis, Igence received professionals for different technologies. Our experts developed in IBM Websphere Commerce and Magenta technologies. Different technology teams worked completely independent and separate from each other. At the moment there are about ten Facilis experts working in the teams. Thomas Tallskog, CEO of Igence, claims: “Through Facilis we have saved the time spent on looking for outsourcing partners and putting teams together. We needed quick reaction and quality work in our clients’ projects, and Facilis enabled that.”