FacilisLtd. – The Company

Facilis Ltd was founded in February 2008 as a Finnish privately owned company. The ’seed’ to the company was sown in the spring of 2003 in Bucharest when another founder of a company was looking for an outsourcing partner. There were many reasons to choose Romania, mainly the favorable price level and no time difference, along with a genuine enthusiasm for getting the job done.

The selected partner was chosen out of five candidates that would have all been suitable partners in terms of quality and work principles. The cooperation started instantly and only one week later two developers were sitting in Helsinki studying the first system. The two men team grew quickly into expert groups consisting of more than ten people. The outcome exceeded the clients’ expectations both in terms of quality and, most importantly, economically. The first steps in near-shore outsourcing have been successful.


In Romania and Ukraine the first generation has shown that one’s diligence may really bring prosperity. As a consequence, several IT developers founded their own companies, and these efforts had brought about a network of several companies and contacts

This network and the efficiency of the personally tried and implemented operating model, as well as the development value, were the starting point to offering advantageous, but high-quality expert IT services for Finnish companies. When the other founding partner, an IT professional with substantial background in sales, stepped into the picture it was the right time to get Facilis Ltd started.

Business Idea


Offer the availability of top-level IT experts at an inexpensive price level. This became possible when buying the services required from production partners in Europe.




Become a major player offering IT and software development services in the Nordic market area.




Up-scale our customers’ competitive advantage by boosting the resourcing and lightening the cost structure of their IT system development.






VilleVille Valorinta Master of Economic Sciences, held various positions at Hotelzon International before becoming an entrepreneur. Among others, he was in charge of systems development, as well as of Hotelzon’s partnership cooperation with Romania. Prior to Hotelzon he worked as a Customer Relationships Director for Europe and Country Manager at LetsBuyIt, and also held a position as CRM consultant at Accenture.






mikaMika Eerola Bachelor of Arts, has a long and impressive career in sales and sales management. Prior to Facilis he held among others a position as CEO at Bel Solutions Ltd, Director at Itella Information Ltd, Key Account Manager, as well as Product Manager in charge of electronic products at Elma Electronic Trading. Eerola also has a wide experience in international information system undertakings.